At the time of the admission:

• Referral source is contacted
• All necessary releases are obtained
• The person admitted will be assigned a case counselor
• A formal treatment plan is developed with the client
within the first ten (10) days of treatment.


Sunrise Clinical Services provides a thorough evaluation that includes an assessment and initial screening to determine if the individual is appropriate for the level of care provided through our outpatient substance abuse program.

When a person is determined to be appropriate for care, he or she will be advised of assessment findings and recommendations for admissions will be made. The admissions process will begin, with the intention of placing the person into outpatient treatment programs.
All admissions are made with the final approval of the physician.

The Admission Process entails a thorough evaluation performed by a qualified healthcare professional. An intake assessment is conducted by a staff with further evaluation completed by the psychiatrist or licensed counselor as needed. Mental status and psychiatric evaluations are conducted by a staff psychiatrist when indicated.