Tyrus suggests bartenders suffice alcohol from inside the an excellent martini mug having a great garnish

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Tyrus suggests bartenders suffice alcohol from inside the an excellent martini mug having a great garnish

Kat reminds audience that when it told you anything offensive from inside the Kindergarten, these include terminated. and you can Tyrus and Kat question when the bringing an infection off putting from inside the bean dip matters once the an effective ‘stunt.’ Brush Dish Bar: Tyrus and you may Kat say to maybe not get off any half of-ate dining at the rear of at the a crime world. Realize Tyrus on the Facebook: Realize Kat Timpf on Facebook:

Get Starving: Tyrus shares their favourite location for chicken and you will waffles

Tyrus shows the actual need Kat bullies your to own their supper money. Kat and you will Tyrus falter the newest coded words from an effective Dr. Seuss antique. And you may Kat demonstrates to you exactly how a night out together immediately following left the woman ground this new bill at a bar. Gorgeous Procedure: Discover what might have taken place so you’re able to Kat’s emotional assistance scorpion. Follow Tyrus into the Twitter: Follow Kat Timpf on the Myspace:

Kat shows you as to the reasons the woman French bulldog believes he’s difficult than just an excellent pony. Tyrus shares the new bombshell “truth” about precisely how Mr. Potato head became greatest. Kat reveals an informed justification to utilize to leave regarding undertaking almost anything. Investigation Upwards: Tyrus gets listeners a homework project. Pursue Tyrus toward Fb: Follow Kat Timpf with the Twitter:

Kat happens solo on this subject week’s event. Having undisclosed reasons, Kat features ordered several wigs online. Kat teaches you why Carl whines next to the washer. Say What: Find out why Kat try planning that-night-merely feel entitled: “Tyrus about Snow.” Go after Tyrus into Myspace: Go after Kat Timpf to the Twitter:

Tyrus and you can Kat mention specific exciting developments to your Greg Gutfeld Reveal. Both of them threaten to drink Cucumber-Melon Shampoo. Gooey State: Find out what Tyrus would do in the event the the guy was basically the new President from Gorilla Glue. Pursue Tyrus on Fb: Pursue Kat Timpf into Facebook:

Kat reveals the situation having grannies just who have fun with the harbors. Tyrus and Kat explore what goes on so you can drugs within highest altitudes. and you will Tyrus teaches you how fermented fruit can result in problems for people in flight. Pursue Tyrus toward Myspace: Pursue Kat Timpf with the Twitter:

Tyrus and Kat stop as much as the 2nd huge providers idea. Kat offers tricks for people struggling with applying makeup. Tyrus and you will Kat establish why you ought to never ever trust an excellent goose. Score Loud: Tyrus offers exactly what record he or she is already been jamming over to not too long ago.

Discover as to why Kat is saying, “it’s advisable that you feel live.” Tyrus suggests why you are unable to rent mansions and have broke nearest and dearest. And Tyrus and Kat would a unique federal escape. Drive-By: Pal of your podcast, Dion Baia, pops in to miss things from for Tyrus. Realize Tyrus to the Twitter: Follow Kat Timpf into the Facebook:

Tyrus teaches you how he accidently purchased 4 baseball pythons

Tyrus teaches you just how he’s starting to be more judgmental when he gets older. Tyrus reveals their position sito web view towards the dining bugs. And you may Tyrus offers as to why Australian continent seems to be starting what you proper. Move Something Up: Tyrus are registered from the his spouse, Ingrid Rink. Realize Tyrus into Fb: Pursue Kat Timpf into Fb:

Just after unlawful protests in the United states Capitol to the Wednesday, Tyrus takes to your podcast in order to weigh in for the America’s governmental climate, the character from traditional mass media and you will exactly what the You.S. must do while the a country to start so you’re able to restore. Pursue Tyrus into the Fb: Realize Kat Timpf into the Twitter:

Tyrus Kat reminisce on the among the better symptoms associated with crazy seasons and you may Kat warnings up against convinced things tend to amazingly get most readily useful immediately after it is 2021. Realize Tyrus for the Twitter: Realize Kat Timpf for the Facebook:

This christmas: Tyrus demonstrates to you just how he’ll try to connect Santa claus it season. Kat offers this lady unique opportunity off the lady family’s journey. History Xmas: Tyrus Kat flashback so you can an alternative tune away from past year’s Christmas time episode. Pursue Tyrus on the Facebook: Follow Kat Timpf to the Fb:

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